Complaint about health care

Opdateret 2. juli 2018

The Danish Patient Safety Authority handle complaints from patients. You can complain to us about:

  • The health care you have received
  • Violation of your patient rights

Complaint instructions

You need to lodge your complaint digitally from the website borger.dk by logging on with your NemID. Please note that the complaint form is in Danish.

We will reject complaints that are not received via the digital complaint form, unless special circumstances apply. Special circumstances can be that you:

  • are unable to obtain a NemID
  • are exempt from receiving Digital Post
  • cannot understand Danish
  • cannot use a computer due to illness or age
  • are currently seeking asylum

Language requirements

We prefer to correspond in Danish. It demands considerable resources and prolongs the processing of your case if all correspondence to you has to be translated in to English.

If you do not understand Danish and you are not able to get help translating our letters, please give us a reason for this.

You are welcome to write to us in English and to request getting the final decision translated into English.

Complaint by power of attorney

When you want to complain about health care on behalf of someone else, you need a power of attorney from this person to complain to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

If you do not already have a power of attorney, you can use the form Power of attorney. Remember to get a signature from the person, who gives you power of attorney.

Help filling in the form

If you need help filling in the complaint form, you can contact us on +45 72 28 67 65 (open from 9.30 am - 3 pm).